Loki’s Path

Who is Loki? What is Loki’s Path?

Loki is the name of the Angel within one of the Angel Saga’s.  He is an Assignment Angel and his purpose is to be assigned to one person, a homeless man called Jim, who resides under a bridge in London England and suffers from a clear mental illness.

Loki sits in the angelic realm awaiting his tranformation.  His journey begins under that bridge on a cold winters night and leads towards a complex truth, that if realised with bring down the British government.


I have had so many emails and comments about Loki.  Readers develop a strong emotional attachment to him as he helps Jim without affecting “free will”.  One reader told me that she had to take a hot bath and have a little cry at the conclusion to Loki’s path.

Many have asked if I will be assigning Loki to anyone else, they want to know his future and the future of his assigements.  They answer is yes, of course I will be writing another assignment for him!

I have just started my latest edition to the Angel Saga’s called “Jadines Battle”, once this is complete, I promise I will return to Loki, taking him down a new path.

You can find Loki here.


Also available on Amazon

Email: byrneauthor@gmail.com

Twitter: @byrneauthor


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