Evangeline’s Mission

Who is Evangeline and what is her mission?

Evangeline’s mission is huge! She is a Creation Angel that interacts with nature and the balance of all things throughout the universe.

Being human does not come naturally to Evangeline, she has only ever become human once during her existence and did not like the experience.  Her mission is of such immense importance that involves the smallest of creatures; bees.

Evangeline is full of attitude, although she loves humans and admires their abilities she is frustrated by their lack of empathy for their home; Earth.

Evangeline’s mission begins in a farm field just outside of Washington DC. Flying through the universe to land on this planet, she is as tall as an Oak tree and perfectly adapted for her work. She is not looking forward to this mission as she must become human!

From the simplest and smallest of creatures, the story reveals the devastation that could fall upon the human race if the courses of actions are not changed. Her mission…. to change the attitude of a large chemical company in order the save the plight of the humble bee, and in doing so the fate of the human race.


I thoroughly enjoyed my research for Evangeline’s Mission and have had so much feedback from readers, so thank you all for this.

The conclusion to the story has a sinister twist and one reader told me that he was really disturbed by the final conclusion; it was not what he had expected after reading Loki’s Path! I was delighted with this reaction, as this is exactly how the ending of Evangeline’s Mission should make you feel.

For those of you who have not read Evangeline’s Mission, you can find out how this angel with attitude interacts with nature and people, in an attempt to open the eyes of the greedy organisations that are damaging our planet.


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