Jadine’s Battle

What Battle must Jadine Fight?

Jadine resides in the third house of the angelic realm, and holds the elevated position of Chief of Power. The position once held by Lucifer himself.

The acts of terror that have taken place on earth, if not resolved, could prevent the prophesies of John, and the promise of peace on earth to mankind.

Jadine’s battle begins when she is assigned as a global investigative reporter with great intelligence, assigned by the BBC to cover the crimes both in Liverpool England and New York.

Her profile as the Chief of Powers is so great within the angelic communities, that she is to walk as a human without memory of her angelic reality. This is vital if the dark ones are not to discover who she is.

Jadine’s battle as a human, uncovers truths that reside around string theory and around the intervention of demons; who stalk humans and influence the free will of people.

With the knowledge of string theory and the possible existence of other dimensions in reality; Jadine discovers facts so incredible, that only her bravery can resolve the events taking place, and events to come.

From the highest form of angel, to a human who is capable of murder, Jadine’s battle with the darkness is taken in blind faith; a faith that holds the potential for either peace on earth or terrorism like mankind has never seen.


I have enjoyed researching for all my books, but this one was the most challenging.  I loved the idea of bringing something as obscure as string theory into a fantasy crime thriller; and Jadine was born.

Jadine can be purchased from here


Also available on Amazon.

Email: byrneauthor@gmail.com

Twitter: @byrneauthor


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