The Final Surrender

He tried so hard to show us the way, to be a part of each other.  His life, though short was a culmination of giving everything he had.  He took nothing from no person, he accepted gifts of friendship, food and limited love.

Not once did he say “Can I have” or “I want”; the ultimate giver, the ultimate teacher showing us our real selves, showing and telling us the answers.

The very people he loved, the very ones he helped, turned on him, and not once did he say “traitor!” Not once did he turn his back, not once did he defend his corner. He simply accepted.

He was nailed to a wooden tool of ultimate torture, through his hands and feet, and was crowned with 6 inch thrones piercing his skull, blood blinding his eyes.  He was shipped, spat at, stripped; and not once did he scream for them to stop, he simply screamed inside, with the pain he felt, the pain of every disease, every illness, every bit of anger, hatred, jealousy and revenge.

He carried the sins of the world on his shoulders because this was his journey.  Just before his death, just as the burden was becoming too much, he felt the absence of the Father in the hearts of all people, he felt the empty devoid feelings of nothingness.  He had always been with the Father, and now at the moment of his death he felt the absence of the Father within the hearts of all.

“My Father”, he shouted, “Why have you forsaken me?”

The pain of the absence was more than he could bear, this empathy with the world who felt the absence of the Father.  It was at this moment he offered his spirit to his Father, so that he could be at one with him again.


Written:  1st March 2003


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