The Plan

The Plan

Never question the plan.

For all we know, we could have been through the apocalypse a hundred times.  We could have been through it yesterday.  Time is irrelevant.

He who is “I AM” can obliterate all things every second and begin it all again if he wishes it.  What did you experience yesterday?  You think you know?  “I woke, I ate, I worked, I slept”. But did you really?  Only I know what has been and what is to come. Do not question my plan.

I am the joker, the love, the life, the redeemer; I give you every chance, every second in your time to ask me “Who am I?” “Who are you?”  Please enter my time so I can know you at a level I can understand…I have a plan.

My plan involved you.  Don’t question….once you find me, you will live a part of that plan in your reality that I created.  I am The Creator of all things, I created you as a creator, but don’t get confused, understand that I am who I am and more.

You are a baby, you are unborn, you are 37, you are 101…time is an illusion.  If I wish it, you can live 1,000 realities until the one comes that you ask for my help, only then are you in true reality, only then have you found the ‘true’ guide.

I am the creator, I am everything, do not fret on all things past.  Where you are, is where I put you.  Do not judge any in your path, for that is the reality I created for them.  Do not say, this is right or that is right; you say this through the EGO of your reality; smash down every ego I place in your way. I gave you the simple ability to see; so see.

I am the light, I am the way, I am the creator of everything, there is nothing I did not create.  How dare you judge! How dare you question.  Accept all things and you will accept me.  I created all things. I know. I am who I am.

Smash through all the illusions, I task you, find who you are, when you do, you will find me for I am you and you are me.  I created you to be revered by all things.  I created you to be with me and so be who and what I want you to be.  it is simple once you know how.  I give you all you ask for, any time and era, anyhow.  You say, “I am no good” so I give you what you say.  You say, “I am a leaders” so I give you what you say.  You say “I am a leader but I want more”, I give you more, I give you what you know in your heart you need to find me and I bestow on you even more.

If you ask for physical, I give you it, if you ask for spirit, I give it, if you ask for guides, I give them, if you ask me directly, I give you everything; for I am everything.  Knowledge on a physical level is fantastic when you live in the physical realm.  Knowledge of the physical realm is useless when you ask me to help you; for only I know what you need, only I know what is right for your reality.

I died and was reborn for all people and every reality.  I am who I am.  Collective thoughts manifest me as a need and so I give you that need, because you need that manifestation of me.  I will be whatever you need me to be in order that you find me….never judge…never question, I give you it all.

My angels revere you because you are the only creation in my image; I created me in my own image, do you not read my word?  I am man, I am woman, I am all you perceive to be true.

I am more than your perception of truth, because you will never know the truth until you come home to me.  If you believe something to be true, question it…ask yourself, is this the truth?  When you know me, you know the truth and so true knowledge of the universe, another of my creations; one of many!

You will be at ease with your heart, and I will forgive every trespass, for you have asked me to…face to face… you know I am who I am. Despite you fear and awe, you ask me, knowing, in the truth of knowing, for my forgiveness..

Everything that is in your reality is me; each person’s knowledge of me is their own because I made it so.  Don’t ever judge, don’t ever say this man is wrong, or that man is wrong, for I have a plan.



Written 26th January 2003


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