All is Right

Do you remember as a child, how we used to wish on rainbows,

All our dreams were running wild, our path was set we knew where to go.

Little fairies would buy our teeth, as kids we live in pure belief.

It’s a wake-up call, we know that we are missing,

To find the child, who will love and laugh and listen,

To the days of our lives.

Looking at our love, do you know it was made in paradise?

Our souls they fly above, life’s dramas and loves sacrifice.

The angels sing when we are one, like children our love has just begun.

When my time runs out, I know you will be there with me,

Of this I have no doubt, because your spirit came and told me,

And as my soul it rises to the light, you’ll smile and you’ll know that

All is Right.


Written: 2004 (for my dad)


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