Space Jump

Felix jumped from space, humbled by grace as he saw our home. His target the ground, at the speed of sound, he was all alone.

“How amazing this is! Oh God let me live!” in his moment of joy. His mother did pray, that on this one day, she would hold her dear boy.

In one moment in time, one man he did climb, to the top of the earth. The world held its breadth, at his leap of death, destined since birth.

Falling, falling tumbling down, alone in the oneness “I feel I may drown!”

Yet completely at peace, in the solitude of time with a knowledge of knowing “This is ours! This is mine!”

Felix jumped for me, so that I could see how blessed I am. He said he felt small, with the awe of it all, through his web cam.

Baumgartner his name, falling his fame from a place so profound.  From space he fell, at the speed of sound and his small human feet simply walked on the ground………….of our Home: Earth.




Written: 14th October 2012.




Austrian Felix Baumgartner has become the first skydiver to break the speed of sound, reaching a top speed of 833.9mph (1,342km/h), officials say.


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