Why so Sad?

Why so Sad?

Why so sad? Don’t you know how we live and how we grow? Why so sad when the tears flow? Don’t you know?

The tears that you cry through honest despair, is the water that cleanses the trees and the air. Tears through searching and a sadness to know, that this is the water of sprit and growth.

A tear that is true to your heart and soul, is the water of life to help make you whole.  The tears of the world are what you weep, these tears of love that you think are weak, cleanse your body of the pain inside, the evidence of truth you cannot hide.

So cry your sadness of truth to you, because then I know your sadness is true.

You crave the peace, the harmony the whole, you are replenishing the gift of God, your soul.  So when you weep, with the sadness of knowing, that happiness is within you and growing; enjoy the sadness for what it brings, for your tears of truth will be wiped with a wing.

Be true to yourself and so true to me, so your tears will wash over the misery, and take you to a clear horizon to see.  The truth of tears that fall down your face, are the asking of the needing for your very next place.

So cry my children for all mankind, for these tears will wash you to a place that you will find………………………….. Me.




Written 10th February 2003



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