The angel Saga’s

The angel Saga's

Hi, I am Christine Byrne and I have always had a crazy imagination. All my life I have been inspired by people, situations and real life experiences.

My love of creative writing has resulted in many songs (I also play piano) and several poems that come to me in a moment of inspiration and motivates me to pick up the humble pen and write.

The Angel Saga’s were developed out of a genuine interest in people, politics and the plights of our world.  I truly believe that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within us and all around us, that every choice we make, through the gift of free will, leads us down a new path of adventures; some great, some not so great, but adventures all the same.

I believe that angels are a blessing; they guide and motivate us throughout our lives, and it is my personal beliefs, the inspiration of people and world plights that inspires me to further develop the Angel Saga’s.

The two latest stories in the Angel Saga’s can be found here.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Loki’s Path:

Evangeline’s Mission:

Jadine’s Battle:


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